Field Trip to the Forestry Training Centre at Mariwa, Region 7 – Certificate in Forestry Students

The Certificate in Forestry 2015/2016 students embarked on a two (2) weeks field trip to the Forestry Training Centre at Mariwa, Region 7. The trip commenced on the February 01, 2016 and concluded on the February 13, 2016.

The Forestry Students along with Forestry Lecturer, Ms. Shemika Periera, of the Guyana School of Agriculture

Twenty-three (23) students participated in this field trip activity under the supervision of GSA staff members, Ms. Shemika Periera(Forestry Lecturer) and Mr. Clebert Wade(Farm Supervisor).

Some of the activities that the students were engaged in during the course of the field trip were:

  • Tree Identification
  • Use of surveying equipment
  • Map reading
  • Block demarcation
  • Strip line establishment
  • Skid trail planning
  • 100% pre-harvest inventory
  • Tree marking and liana cutting
  • Demonstration of directional felling
  • Circle plot establishment and inventory

At the end of the field trip,  the students were evaluated and successful candidates were presented with a certificate.

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